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    Color Settings changes in the background


      For some reason my Color Settings keep changing to default (North America) instead of keeping the settings i have chosen to use. This happens to all of the CS programs (Indesign, Photoshop & Illustrator).

      I think that the reason might be the update process that happens all the time in the background. There is no way that me or someone else is doing this manually.


      This is extremely harmful, because i work as prepress person in a printing house. I cycle a lot of customers material through those programs and i need to rely that the settings stays the same all the time.

      Is there any way to prevent this to happen?


      Currently using CS 6 in OS X 10.9.4

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          D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Updates shouldn't affect this. Do all your other preferences revert as well, or is it just color settings? If the first, it could be a permissions problem in the user account. Not a Mac user, so I can't help with that.

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            If you're on CS6—as opposed to CC or CC2014, there shouldn't be any "update process happening all the time in the background", so something else must be happening.


            Is your Photoshop updated to version CS6 v 13.0.6?  Isn't OS X Mavericks at version 10.9.5 as of last September?  You should update your OS too.


            The first step in Mac 101 troubleshooting is to nuke/delete your preferences and let Photoshop re-create brand new preferences:
            FAQ: How do I reset my preferences?


            Try running Repair Permissions with Apple's Disk Utility, also run Verify Disk with the same application.


            To check for account corruption, create a fresh new account on your Mac and see if the problems goes away or persists there.


            If all of that does not yield a solution, then the dreaded re-install of the application and possibly the OS is in order.