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    Ramped Slow Mo to stop




      I've been recently trying out a few things in Premiere to get a bit of the feeling of it. But then i got to a problem where i wanted to slow down the video to a full pause. (i would like to know how to make it full pause then continue again as well), but whatever video i may be watching, i  just seems to get different results. Even if follow every video to the smallest step.


      So i was wondering if someone could teach/show me how to go from 100% speed and ramp down to 0%. It might be easier in After Effects, i don't know... But both the video and sound should come to a full stop... Whichever method may be working best.


      I've added a small clip i was trying to work on. I tried to slow down as the car on the left is about to fall off the edge and make it a full stop once he's completely out of the scene and fallen off the platform.



      Desktop 01 13 2015 20 38 30 01 - YouTube


      Thanks in advance and sorry for my horrible english