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    Full EA website using various layouts - responsive design.

    Feloxor Level 1

      Hi everyone!

      I'm working on a website using Edge Animate, but there's still one feature I'm missing to make it production-ready.

      I need to be able to define a symbol (containing the website's main layout) which fits the aspect ratio of the browser it is displayed on. This would allow me to have two different layouts (two symbols) and thus switch between the two.

      I have tried using the solution from EdgeCommons to use several layouts but it does not take the ratio into account, which sadly makes it useless for my case.

      I have also considered using mediaQueries to define which Animate composition to display depending on the browser's ratio, but it doesn't seem possible as far as I know, albeit it would be the simplest solution.

      Edge Animate is a great tool for designer, i'm sure it can be used to design full website, but adaptive layouts are missing....


      Thanks in advance for your help!

      Kind regards,