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    garbage collection clarity

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      I thought I understood this from other postings and Moock reading, but I find I'm still not entirely clear on what stuff I need to delete and what stuff is automagically deleted when I am done with an object. So, here some situations.
      1) Suppose I have a CustomClass with private vars of the following types:
      private var myNumber:Number;
      private var myString:String;
      private var myClip:MovieClip
      private var myText:TextField
      private var myArray:Array
      private var myButton:Button
      private var mySpecialClass:SpecialClass

      a) suppose in the course of using an instance (myCCInstance) of that CustomClass I assign values to myNumber and myString, I assume when I delete myCCInstance the myNumber and myString will go away.

      b) Now suppose for other types, I create new objects (i.e.
      myText = someClip.createTextField(...);
      myArray = new Array(1,2,3);
      myClip = someClip.attachMovie(...);
      mySpecialClass = new SpecialClass(...);

      Will any of these be deleted when the myCCInstance is deleted or do ALL of them need to be deleted by some destroy method I write. If I need to delete stuff myself then.... to delete an array, I would assume myArray.delete will do the trick. To delete myClip, I assume I first need to use myClip.removeMovieClip and then the myClip variable will get deleted with the myCCInstance. To delete myText - I'm not sure what to do here. For mySpecialClass I must write a destroy method which dumps its appropriate stuff out and then I could have that method do a this.delete.

      c) Suppose some of these refer to instances created at authortime on the stage-
      myText = textOnStage_txt
      myClip = clipOStage_mc
      myButton = buttonOnStage_btn
      I assume the items on stage will stay there, but the variables that reference these will be deleted automatically when myCCInstance is deleted.

      Is all this correct?

      Part 2 of my question is for the case of callback or nested functions like an xml loader. Here is some sample code I found on the web. When this is all done, is the xml object gone?

      Sorry to be such a dim bulb about all this.
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          Oh, one more example:
          suppose I have a private var myText:TextField;
          and then a method which whenever it is called will do
          myText = someClip.createTextField;
          Will I wind up with orphaned TextField objects from previous times the method was called? (i.e. there are a bunch of TextField instances that are no longer assigned to myText, but they are out there in space someplace)