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    Please help me

      Hi everyone,

      i am loosing my hair over this. here's what im trying to do. i am using the datefield component. basically when the user chooses a date. it gets posted to a text field and the user clicks sumbit to email the date. the emailing is working like a charm.

      my problem is that the datefield component posts the text in html format. so when i recieve the email, i get it in html format and very hard to read. i have made sure that the text field "Render text as HTML" is turned off.

      when i put a trace on the datefield, it provides the data in html format too.

      i just dont know what to do.

      please give me some ideas.

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          tonyhigham Level 1
          What version of Flash are you using? I was unable to replicate this problem with Flash 8. Can you give some sample code maybe? I placed a DateField on the stage, and using the following code, everything looks fine...


          function myFunc(){
          myText.text = myDate.selectedDate