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    Importing .mov files to InDesign CS2

    laura jeanh82701954

      I am trying to import a H.268 or Mpeg .mov files into InDesign CS2 and every time I select the file, I get the following message pop up:


      "Error: Cannot place this file. No filter found for requested operation"


      When I check the 'Interactive Options' the options such as 'Movie Option' or 'Sound Option' are graded out, so that I cannot select them.


      When I google the Error message, people posted articles saying that you had to set the PDF options, but I cannot find this. I have look at the general preferences section, but there is nothing for movies.  I also looked at the 'Configure Plugins' section, and 'Media.Framework' plugin is locked, but I am not sure what to do.


      Please help as I need to get this finished in the next 24 hours and cannot make this work!