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    I have to make 8.2 work somehow

    film418 Level 1

      Updated to 8.2. It loads project, then one to three minutes later I get a windows error message..."unknown problem" and she crashes.

      Two sessions with support has resulted with me being able to  run 8.1 successfully, but of course I can't open my one hour documentary project.since it was last saved in 8.2.(No backward compatibility) I am absolutely screwed if I can't get 8.2 to work.

      I've had a year of rock steady performance and no problems until this update.

      Support had me update my Nvidia driver and then tried various things,most of which I couldn't quite follow but did include removing and re-installing 8.2 but to no avail. Only 8.1 works.

      I'm on a win7 system with 12 gigs of ram and an Nvidia GTX285 graphics card.

      Can anyone suggest any possible solutions or things that I could try?