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    workspace rearranges itself


      Hi. We're having a problem with one of our installs of After Effects CC. We are using two monitors, with a custom workspace, so that some of the workspace elements (composition, effects, etc) are on one monitor, and the timeline is on another monitor. This has been working just fine until today.


      Now, after opening an AE project file, any action taken in any portion of the workspace causes the secondary monitor workspace elements to automatically rearrange themselves on top of the other elements in the primary monitor. So we end up with the detached workspace elements sitting on top of the other elements. The interface will then begin flickering uncontrollably as well. The same issue occurs again if we try to rearrange, or even to reset the workspace, change to a different preset, etc. We updated our video card to the latest drivers, updated CC to the latest version, and we are still experiencing the exact same problem.


      After Effects CC 2014 13.2

      AMD Firepro V3900

      Windows 7


      Any suggestions?