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    XDcam EX wrapped in QT, Windows

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      I've asked this question all over, and have had some work arounds introduced to me, as well as one I came up with. But I'd rather find the proper way as opposed to a "work around".

      I have a client that sent me over 300 OT clips and a rough edited PP CC 2014 project that was created on a Mac. I have the same, updated version of CC2014 as he. The clips were exported from a tricaster. The were exported using the XDCam EX (xd54) codec wrapped in QT. My client has no problem working with them in CC2014 on his Mac. I however cannot. I get a File Import Failure, Error message:Codec missing or unavailable. Through my research, I was able to find that FCP and AVID have a proprietary version of the XDCam EX codec. Since my client also has FCP on his machine, these codec are loaded.


      I was given the option of using the Calibrated Q XD Cam decode plugin, which works and has a watermark all over it unless I pay $149 (not an option).


      My workaround was to batch rename all the clips to .mp4. Now all the clips will import in to CC2014. Obviously CC2014 doesn't understand a XDCam wrapped in QT. Again, I believe this has something to do with FCP and its proprietary codecs.


      My issue now is that I have to re-link each clip to the .mp4's to the project, which takes over an hour or so. It won't automatically do this, even after I un-tick the file extension box on the imprt dialogue box. With him constantly changing the project and the rough cut and sendign me the project via email (1000 miles away), this is very cumbersome.


      My question is:


      A) Is there anyway for my machine to read his QT files?




      B) is there anyway to auto relink the MP4's?


      BTW, all this is on a budget since it's for a non-profit.  So no money to buy $149 plugins.






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          I have come a cropper with this one today though not all XDCAM EX files caused an issue. Some shorter clips seem to be ok, so I can only imagine that the clips that spanned over 2 files that were re-wrapped on the JVC import tool may have done something funky to them.


          I can live with renaming them mp4 for now on an occasional 1x1 basis but I imagine you are going to have a knightmare. How about opening the pproj file and editing the XML swapping out .mov for .mp4? (please take a copy 1st though as I have no idea if this will work)