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    Alternating pages from 2 indesign documents


      I have a set of chapters that are individual .indd files. I can put them into a book easily (and have - I use this book file).


      However, I have another set of chapters that are "companions" to the original chapters. I want combine the two files in such a way that the "real" chapter 1 page 1 faces "companion" chapter 1 page 1. There are some companion chapters that are longer than the original chapter which I would like to stay on the right side, facing a blank page if necessary.


      I know I can do this manually as PDFs, but I'd like to keep the "real" and "companion" chapters separate files so that if/when I update the "real" chapter, it updates within both book files (assuming doing what I would like is a function within creating another book).


      Also, a pipe dream, perhaps, but is there also a way to keep the page numbers? So in the merged book, both page 1s, say "1"; flip the page, both say "2", etc?


      Thanks in advance.