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    GPU dependence vs CPU dependence


      I am an elderly gent and a true newbie here.  I recently asked in the PC Perspective Video Card forum, which graphics card I should be considering for video rendering, restoring, and cleaning of family videos that I have captured to mpg4 files. I told the forum that my gaming needs were satisfied by Solitaire and Minesweeper. 

      I was under the impression that a high quality graphics card would come bundled with high quality video software.


      The advice I received was to look first at video software and not GPU hardware, and that the CPU (plus RAM) would shoulder most of the workload, not the GPU hardware. 


      The Adobe name is well known so I started researching Adobe Premier.  Imagine my surprise when I observe the Adobe Premier web site strongly pushing GPU hardware.  


      Now I am confused and somewhat distressed.  Is video rendering, etc, CPU dependent or GPU dependent? 

      And, not for nothing , should I be considering Adobe Premier in the first place?


      My current system is:

      Win 7 Pro SP1 64 bit OS

      Asus Z97 Pro, 1150 mobo

      i7-4790K at 4 GHz CPU

      32 GB DDR3 PC3-10700(667 MHz) RAM

      Samsung 238 GB 840 Pro SSD for system drive C: 

      A pair of ViewSonic VX2336 23 in IPS monitors for display

      My former graphics card was a EVGA GTX-650 with my former 1156 mobo. 

      The GTX-650 died shortly after my mobo & CPU upgrade, which necessitated my search for a new graphics card.

      Storage for My Videos folder is a pair of 3 TB 7200 RPM HDDs in a RAID-1 set.

      I am using the on-board Intel RAID controller. 

      My video capture hardware is an AVerMedia C027 PCIe HD Capture Device. 

      I capture primarily via HDMI.  I can and do capture via RGB Component when necessary. 


      Clearly I am in need of expert assistance.  All advice is welcome.