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    All Set. What to send to print shop - PDF (what settings), TIFFs(!!), take InDesign file?

    IdamIndia Level 1

      My Indesign panels are ready.

      Used LR, used calibrated profiled monitors. Did soft-proof check. Ran a custom Pre-flight. Fixed few errors. Low dpi for some images I will have to live with (actually will test in print and decide next actions).


      Now what?


      I just have Indesign book! (3 files in the book).


      1. Create PDF? If so, what settings does one recommend?

      2. Create Tiff files for each page (I hope not!)

      3. Just send the InDesign file to the printer (No. Everyone told me "never" so far)

      4. Create "package" in InDesign.


      What of the above should I choose? I am more inclined due to my belief and some experience that PDF is sufficient.


      Wait! before you ask me for more. Let me already tell it:

      a. My working space is AdobeRGB. Output profile for soft-proof I used the std american web...v2

      b. I intent to take prints on film/self-adhesive rolls to paste on sunbaord. The printers are NOT offset but call themseleves digital press!

      c. I asked for an output profile. they did not know what I was asking! they simply said, "just make PDF and bring". (I have to live wiht this reply, and that is why this post)

      d. Someone in the industry working in a magazine studio said, for my case I should use an RGB output profile, while for offset they have to use a standard CMYK profile.


      Further questions...


      5. When I created a Hi quality PDF (above 450 dpi becomes 300) for 1.5'x2' size design, the file size was nearly 100MB! For 70pages of similar content this will be way too big for a single file! What shoudl I do - singel file vs separte pages?


      Ok. Many questions, but essentially I want to know how others do things in this last step - what is the work flow. Please pay specail attention to the fact that out here, most (all) printers will not give me an output profile.