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    Actionscript Advice in need!

      Quite hard to explain but here i go,

      I have several movie clips which are aligned over each other. All of them contain a button to play the 'mc'. I have use the swapdepths script to make the mc arrange to the front when that mc's button is rolled over. When the movieclip selected is playing, it gets to a stop frame where text appears. The problem is the other mc's and their buttons are visible (intentionally) but are also active. When the user rolls over them they obviously start playing over the top of the mc currently on. What I desperately need is some script or method to make the buttons of the other mc's inactive when the front clip is playing??

      I've racked my brains, and best I've come up with is to place a hidden button over the mc's button i want inactive. Although this prevents the user being able to rollover the mc buttons, it obv makes the cursor change which looks confusing for the user!

      Please someone out there must be able to firstly understand what I banging on about and secondly hopefully a solution.