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    PrintScreen key causes problems

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      My movie reacts to space key to perform some action

      on keyUp
      if (_key.keycode = 49) then sendallsprites(#SpacePressed)


      But when the user press after that printScreen key, keyUp event is executed,
      but _key.keycode is still 49 that responds to space-key. and the application
      reacts to printscreen as to space-key.
      Keydown event is not executed on pressing printScreen key, so using
      _key.keyPressed() function I can not check if really space is pressed,
      In on keyUp handler _key.keyPressed(49) is false even if user pressd space
      (because key is already up)
      _key.keycode is readOnly so can not get reed of value 49, until another key
      with some value is pressed

      Is there any way to avoid this?

      Thanx in advance