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    Clearing Dynamic Flash Text Fields


      What I'm Attempting To Do::

      I'm trying to make textfield1_txt & textfield2_txt Clear, once the submit button is released.


      A description of my Flash File is as follows:

      I have 2 text fields on my Flash stage:
      - textfield1_txt
      - textfield2_txt

      I also have a movie clip that Im using for the submit button:
      - submit_mc

      Please note that currently, once the submit_mc is released, my ActionScript has a function which checks to ensure that some type of data is present in the boxes, and the the form submits. If there are any errors, currently an error message displays:

      Please enter information in textfield1_txt
      Please enter information in textfield2_txt

      Can someone please point me in the right direction for clearing the text fields on release of the submit_mc?