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    Heavier than usual font... can't figure out why


      I'm having an issue when using the text editor in Photoshop CC (I just performed the latest update today).


      All of my fonts all of sudden type more bold, and slightly larger than usual—as if they are under a stroke setting.   However, I have checked this, and they do not have a stroke.


      I've also opened up older photoshop files (from yesterday) where all type looks normal, and started new textboxes right next to other text using the same settings, and it still types heavier text.  The same issues occurs in new documents.


      In the attached screenshot, the original text is "Arial Regular" at 14 pt.   The text under it is new text since I've encountered this issue, also set at "Arial Regular" at 14 pt, however it looks an entire weight class heavier, and appears slightly larger.  Both text boxes also have the same color setting, and are both set on "Strong".


      Maybe I'm missing something simple, but any insight is greatly appreciated!




      Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 2.19.07 PM.png