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    Is there a way to import a indd CS4 file with its Data Fields names and properties into CC?

    Sambasanchez Level 1

      I have to convert numerous files from CS4 to CC. The CS4 files are using external data from a CSV file. When I open the file in CS4 I can enable the preview and see the data from the CSV file. But when I save the file as indd or idml and try to open it in InDesignCC then I can't see the data as preview. I can see the Data fields (text).I think it's because it doesn't recognize the data fields from the CS4 file. If I delete a data field and remap it I will be able to see the preview for the field I just mapped. the other fields remain the unchanged, like they were just text.

      Any help with this topic will be very appreciated. I have about 70 data fields per document and about 100 documents to go through.


      Update: The symbol for a data field, ex: «fullname_2» change size when I delete and remap it. Explanation: When I open the CS4 file in IndesignCC I can't view a preview of the Data field(s) (almost positive because it's plain text). The data fields show like this «fullname_2». But when I delete that and drag a field from the data field list it shows like this <<fullname_2>>. So definitely, CC is not reading the data fields from InDesign CS4.


      P.S.: The fields above («fullname_2» and <<fullname_2>>  are copy and paste from Indesign CC.