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    why is the "Free texture" not available to Photoshop Photography Plan subscribers?

    J Isner Level 1
      I have subscribed to the Adobe CC Photography Plan since August 2013.  Today I received an email from Adobe with the subject line "New Benefits Added to your Creative Cloud Photography Plan."  The email linked to a web page.  On that page, I clicked the link "Enter the Magical World of Trey Ratcliff."  On that page, there was a link "Free Adobe Photoshop CC texture" (http://inspire.adobe.com/2014/11/7/free_adobe_photoshop_cc_texture.html).  I decided to try the texture - Metal Texture 08 by Niklas K. Andersen.



      Using the Creative Cloud Desktop app on Windows, I found my way to the Market.  For you information, this was my first time using the Market feature.  When I attempted to add it to "My Library," I got the message



      "Market Assets are a Premium feature only available to 'CC Complete' and 'Single App' members"



      Two questions:

      1. as a subscriber to the CC Photography Plan, am I not a 'Single App' member?
      2. If the answer to (1) is no, then why doesn't Adobe make it clear that the "Free Texture" is only for premium subscribers?