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    Major Multicam issues


      I spoke to Adobe online for about 3 hours regarding this issue. The Multicam function simply doesn't work, but It has in the past. The solution adobe provided me with goes as follows. Take my footage to be synched in multicam and place it in a bin. Grab the footage individually and place it on the time line. Synch it. Then nest it. From there I can create a new nested sequence and on the time line I can enable multicam function. Well now the problem is that I have all these nested sequences,but Premiere can only have one nested sequence with multicam enabled on the timeline. I have explained this problem to them over and over again with no resolution as to why Multicam isn't working at all and any alternatives to fixing this new problem. Has anyone experienced this?

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          I have found my own way in the past to sync 2 cameras and clean audio in my timeline, THEN create multicam clips from there. I can't seem to do it with the upgrade. Does anyone have a step-by-step instruction on how to create multicam clips after the timeline is synced?