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    Sound problems...again, pausing, fast forward rewind


      Wondering if anyone can help me, i am having a few problems with pausing, fast forward and rewind on a loadSound???!!!!

      Here is my code for the pause button but it is not working, the soundPosition = mySound.position is the error, as it says the variable soundPosition is undefined, i think this has something to do with the sound being loaded in dynamically but i cant work out how to fix it :( Please help.......

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          jude86 Level 1
          Just to add, this code works if i set the soundPosition to a number say 50000, the pause button will work, as when you click play after clicking pause, it starts the track half way through.

          So i believe the error lies on the pause button, soundPosition comes up with a number if i re load the sound in the pause button, but its always 0 as i am reloading the sound, but i dont know how to make it work without reloading the sound??

          Many thanks

          Greatly appreciated :D