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    problems using 'render' with keyframes


      Dear All,


      Just finished a project with 7 frames that had a max of 2 keyframes, per frame (I was using the denoiser).  When I had finished my project and had  rendered it i ended up with an additional 25-35 keyframe, that i had never established.  I deleted all the erroneous keyframes and kept the ones I had created.  My video is a bit jumpy and i would like to render my video to see if it can smooth things out but don't want the same problem.  Appreciate any and all feedback.  thx Brian

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          What version of Premiere Elements and on what computer operating system is it running?


          As a first pass at this, please consider making a copy of your present project (File Menu/Save A Copy), and doing your experimenting with the copy.


          Have you been there and done that yet?



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            stofferb Level 1

            ATR - Thank you for your reply.  Sorry it took me a while to get back to you.  I am running win 7 pro 32-bit.  Adobe Premiere Elements #13.  Appreciate any help you can give me. thx Brian

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Thanks for the reply.


              Did you get a chance to experiment with a copy of the project with the unexplained additional keyframes?


              Just in make sure...are you keyframing the audio effect Denoiser across the duration of audio clips?

              Is the audio Stereo (2 channel) or 5.1 channel?

              Is the audio regular or one with SmartSound or Music Score concept that allows you to alter the music duration without affecting the arrangement?


              Maybe in a new project, repeat the process but have the keyframing area opened to the 2 part view so that you can watch the keyframes as you

              place them.


              1. To open to the 2 part view, click on the Show Hide Keyframe Controls icon.

              2. Keyframes can be seen in the keyframing area but also on the Timeline as white dots.

              3. The white dots on the Timeline represent only the property that is named in the files title. In this case, it is

              Reduction. If you want to see another type of keyframe from your keyframing, right click the clip, select Show Clip Keyframes/

              Denoiser/ for example Offset. Then Offset will appear in the title of the file and the Timeline file's white dots will represent the keyframes for Offset.




              Perhaps in seeing the keyframes being placed, you will be able to spot the point were the extras are being generated.


              Please let us know if the above approach worked? If not, please give more details and we will think about this

              some more.


              Thank you.