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    how do i keep imported clips in order?


      I am using Premiere Essentials 13, Windows 8.1, 64

      Canon Elura 100


      Because I need to use a fire wire (which my new computer doesn't have), I downloaded my film to an older computer (Windows 7, 64 bit). I have 63 .avi files. They are date and time stamped, and I added a generic title after that info to each clip. I burned a DVD, then imported the files to my new computer to Adobe Premier Essentials 13. The files were all renamed to variations of VTS_01_0.BUP with a lot of redundancies. The files were then reordered according to the new names, which means they are completely out of order. What am I doing wrong?


      Looking at the below info gleaned from an Adobe site, I tried importing with FileName, which seemed to be the right choice. Wondering if I should rename all 63 files consecutively, 01, 02 etc.





      1. Select a naming convention for the downloaded files using the Presets menu.


        FilenameRetains the filenames the camcorder assigns.

        Folder Name - NumberIf your folder name is Wedding Pics, the clips are assigned the names Wedding Pics-001, Wedding Pics-002, and so on.

        Date - filenameAdds a timestamp to the filename the camcorder assigns. The timestamp is the current date and time - the date and time on which the movies were transferred to your computer.note: To rename files, delete them from the Project Assets panel in the Expert view, and reimport them.

        Custom Name - NumberEnter a custom name in the Name field. For example, if you enter My Holiday in the field, the clips are named My Holiday-001, My Holiday-002, and so on.

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Could we go over your details to make sure that we are together on them?


          You did a DV data (standard or widescreen) capture firewire using a program other than Premiere Elements for the capture. And, that resulted in 63 dv.avi files.


          You mention burning those files to DVD disc. With your mention of file name such as VTS_01_0.BUP, it sounds to me that you burned one or more of the 63 dv.avi to DVD-VIDEO format on DVD disc. Why? If you wanted to save the .dv.avi files, why did you not just burn them to a DVD disc as a data disc so that you would have 63 dv.avi saved on the DVD disc instead of the VIDEO_TS Folder with all the structures of DVD-VIDEO format on that DVD disc?


          If Premiere Elements 13 did still have the DV Capture feature, you would have been putting dv.avi type 2 on the Timeline as a result of the capture firewire. Also, do you know if whatever you used for the DV data capture produced dv.avi type 1 or dv.avi type 2. Did you use Movie Maker 2012?


          Also, I wanted to make sure that you were not dealing with some special version of Premiere Elements 13.

          When you wrote

          "I am using Premiere Essentials 13, Windows 8.1, 64"

          Did you mean Premiere Elements 13?


          Please review and consider and then we can discuss this further.


          Thank you.



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            aperture14 Level 1

            Yes, I meant Premiere Elements 13.

            I think I'm going to buy a firewire that will work on my new computer, so I can download directly into Premiere Elements 13. I am hoping that will eliminate my problem. If it doesn't, I will get back to you. My video editing skills were very much in development, so I think I need to go with the easiest route.

            Thanks, once again, for your help, ATR.

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Thanks for the reply.


              Did we discuss Premiere Elements 13 and DV data capture firewire before? In case we have not.....that feature has been removed from Premiere Elements 13 by Adobe.

              There is an Adobe document that suggests a workaround for the Premiere Elements 13 situation. Have you seen it or used it? The following is the link to the


              Removed features and unsupported file formats | Adobe Premiere Elements 13


              The last version to include the DV and HDV capture firewire feature is Premiere Elements 12/12.1.


              Best wishes. Please let us know when if you need further information on the above.



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                aperture14 Level 1

                Thank you, ATR.

                No, we had not previously discussed the elimination of the DV data capture.

                I've read the information you sent, and am trying to understand.

                In brief, I have successfully imported the video to Adobe Premiere Elements 13. Problem is that en route the files were all renamed and the dates and times stripped out by some program -- and I don't know at what stage -- so the 63 clips are now completely jumbled.

                I'll keep trying to figure it out.

                I appreciate your help.

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                  Thanks for the reply.


                  Just starting my day. In a few hours I will review the Adobe workaround for the removed DV HDV Capture feature in 13 and try to determine where the files were renamed and other information stripped out.


                  Just a generalization for now (a just in case message)...you can place your files sequentially in a folder and import the whole folder into Premiere Elements. When the folder is dragged to the Timeline, its content will appear on the Timeline in the order in which they were placed in the folder. How best to get the files placed in the folder sequentially in the first place is another matter. Typically numbering in the file name is convenient and does the job.


                  To be continued



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                    aperture14 Level 1

                    ATR, just wanted to let you know that I resolved my problem by downloading Adobe to the computer to which I downloaded video. Thank you for your help.

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                      Thanks for the update.


                      Hope all is going well. I see another thread of yours that I have not opened yet. It is late were I am so I may have to wait until the light of day to reply to it.


                      Best wishes