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    Sharing User Defined Variables across projects



      I'm wondering if it's possible to share User Defined Variables across projects. What I have in mind is that I would like to have my User Defined Variables configured in a central location and then insert them into my projects as linked variables so that they update automatically when I change their values. For example, I define a variable named Product_Version that has its value set to 9. Then I insert this variable into all my projects as a linked variable. After 2 months the product version changes to 10, so I change the value of the variable to 10 in the location where it is stored and it is automatically updated in all the projects. Can this be done somehow? I'm new to RoboHelp and I can't find any answer. I've been searching for the solution for some time in the product help, on the Internet to no avail. I even contacted Adobe Support and they redirected me to this forum I used Help and Manual before and their way of dealing with user variables was pretty simple.

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi there


          Unfortunately RoboHelp doesn't offer up a way to allow this, At least, not directly.


          However, I do believe I found a way to make it happen, The variables are stored in a file named rhvariable.apj. So what you could do is to add this file as a Baggage File to each of your projects that will share the variables.


          Now you would create a Shared Location as well as a new Category in your Resource Manager. This will create a common location to store the apj file.


          Add the Baggage File to the location. Repeat the process for all projects that are sharing the variables.


          Now, when the variable gets changed in any of the participating projects, the shared location should be updated and you can accomplish the goal.


          However, note that even though you will have what you are wanting, it will still require opening each of the participating projects, synchronizing the APJ file and generating the output in order to update it all. No way I'm aware of to escape that.


          Cheers,,, Rick

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            m0jk Level 1

            Thank you for the quick and detailed response. Now I know what options we have. You saved me a lot of time