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    Tagged text: index number style override not imported (ID CS6)

    GJ du Toit Level 1

      I want to import InDesign tagged text documents that contain index markers, some of which use number style overrides. (If "number style override" doesn't ring a bell, see the note at the bottom.)


      To check the correct tagging, I exported sample text containing index entries with number style overrides to tagged text. The following tag is inserted into the entry: <IdxEnStyle:RangeBeg> (in this case for a style called RangeBeg).

      However, if I re-import that same unaltered  text back into InDesign, the number style overrides disappear.

      How can I tag it so that the number style override will be imported?

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      Number style override

      It's the option in the index entry dialog whereby you can assign a character style to particular page references, for instance to have references to pictures underlined, e.g.:



      which can then give you something like:



        boxer, 12, 13, 16