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    Creating PDF through CF

      I am creating a PDF and populating it using the standard method..I have attached the code for viewing. Now I have 2 questions:

      1. How can my form fields be auto adjusted depending on the variables length. Some of the fields can significanly vary in length. I guess an example is when using merge function in msword, it auto inserts the text and it doesnt matter how long it is. how can this be accounted for when creating the pdf? in the code below, for example the names: Jon Doe and
      Jonathan WithAVeryLongLastName, to be merged correctly into the pdf. hopefully this makes sense.

      2. I am trying to perform a complete merge with multiple records with a page break in between each new record. can this be accomplished in a pdf format? i am trying to get away from the manual steps that needs to be taken in msword. basically i want the user to click a button and be able to complete the merge automatically.

      thanks for the help