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    Adobe Premiere elements 7.


      how do i the  get the timing between frames, i want it to be 8 seconds but it wont budge from 5 seconds

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Premiere Elements 7


          Please clarify...are you referring to changing the duration of a Timeline still file or something else?


          NTSC setup


          1. BEFORE importing any stills, Edit Menu/Preferences/General and change the Still Image Default Duration from the default 150 frames (5 seconds) to 240 frames (8 seconds).

          Then AFTER that all still will be imported with the 8 seconds duration.


          PAL setup

          BEFORE importing any stills, Edit Menu/Preferences/General and change the Still Image Default Duration from the 125 frames (5 seconds) to 200 frames (8 seconds).



          If your stills are already on the Timeline, right click one, select Time Stretch, and set the Time Stretch dialog's duration to 8 seconds 00;00;08;00.

          At this time, I am not seeing how it is possible to adjust this duration for more than one still at a time in version 7 as you can in later versions.


          Please review and consider and then let us know if that is the information that you seek.


          Thank you.



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            ubby44 Level 1

            Hi there, just to explain that i  am just getting used to Adobe Premiere Elements 7 and as i am over 70 all the instruction sometimes do not sink in.

            All that i want to do to make a movie in Scene Line with a time of 7 or 8 seconds between the photos When i go to Preferences and general i get a page like this


            Pree Roll        seconds

            Post Roll         Seconds

            Video Transition Default Duration   = frames

            Audio Transition Default Duration   =  Seconds

            Still Image default Duration     =    Frames

            Timeline play back Auto Scrolling


            play work area after rendering preview

            default scale to frame size

            show all do not show again messages.

            What do i do

            All this double -dutch to me, surely there is an easier way.


            DD Fish

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Lots of details so that you do not get tripped up when you view the end product and get into an unexpected/unwanted "What happened to that?" situation.


              Addressing your immediate question on how to get your photos all to have an 8 seconds duration in your Premiere Elements 7 PAL project....

              a. Edit Menu/Preferences/General and set the "Still Image Default Duration" to 200 frames.


              b. This has to be done BEFORE you import your photos into the project with the Get Media/Files and Folders.

              c. Then AFTER that, all the photos that you bring into the project's Timeline workspace/Timeline and Sceneline workspace/filmstrip will have an 8 seconds duration.


              I do not see an opportunity in version 7 Sceneline workspace/Filmstrip for changing the Still Image Default Duration using Time Stretch after photo import, the way

              you can using Timeline workspace/Timeline. So, go the preference route cited above.


              However, one way to increase the Still Image Duration in version 7 Sceneline might be to click and drag in the purple bar below the Sceneline monitor. See screenshot


              I would be more comfortable doing this in the Timeline workspace.



              On another thought...


              If you are leaving the default PAL DV Standard project preset in the new project dialog that you see when you open the new project, then do not go

              changing the export settings from PAL_Dolby DVD to PAL_Widescreen_Dolby DVD. That is a just in case message. Please excuse and ignore that

              caution if you know that already.


              Please let us know if you are OK with the details in this thread and if the suggestion worked for you. If not, please point out where we are not in sync and

              I will clarify whatever needs clarification.


              If too much defail, then just go with the preference setting for the Still Image Default Duration for the 8 second duration (200 Frames) and remember to change

              that value for the next project if you do not want 8 second stills.


              Thank you.



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                ubby44 Level 1

                Seems to be working, thank-you very much for your help it's much appreciated.



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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  Thanks for the great news "seems to be working" with regard to setting your 8 seconds still duration. Great job.


                  Please let us know if you have more questions or need clarification on anything written. We are glad for the opportunity to be of assistance.


                  Your follow up is appreciated by all.


                  Best wishes.