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    problem with particles and time inverted


      Hi everybody, I need a little bit help with AF. I'm a newbie XD
      I'm going to creating an animated logo with particles with inverted time because I want dead particles starting on the screen and ending in the text. This text should be in gradual onset. I know that is nonsense and very simple but I do not understand the process, how can I do it? when I put the effects on the timeline clicking on timer and then after turning it off, nothing happens. Where am I doing wrong?
      these are the steps that I have done so far:
      1- created new composition
      2- created new solid
      3- create new text level with two fx: VC reflect copilot and external shadow
      4- I've precompose them in a precomposing renamed
      5- create new level form and applied CC particle world
      6- setting the parameters for this level and I invert the time, so that the particles are birth to death, but to the contrary.

      Now when I try to add transition to text level, nothing happen.
      Can anyone help please?