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    Workflow: Lighting After Effects and Cinema 4D


      Hello there,


      I'm wondering what's the best workflow for a project with 3D and 2D elements that I'm planing to do.

      The lighting will be a crucial storytelling element (there's a stage with many searchlight spots etc).


      I'd prefer to get the 3D elements from the 3D department, throw them into AE (CC2014) and do the lighting for everything in there. I found out that it is quite easy to load C4D projects into AE. But I didn't manage to make them receive light. Is there anything that I'm missing or is it just not possible? And if it is possible: Would this make sense?


      Or would it be better to do the lighting in C4D and import the lights into AE? (if that is possible, I didn't test it yet)

      Or maybe think of a real compositing tool like Fusion or Nuke?


      Thanks for your help!


      Best regards,