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    Does not import all JPG photos from local folders



      Using Lightroom 5.3 under Windows 7.

      Photos are located on local disk.


      I received a selection of photos from our research project which I want to import.

      Most of the photos have been imported correctly.

      However, import of some 500 photos fails.


      "synchronize folder" detects the new photos (501)

      "synchronize" command reports that "no photos or videos were found to import"


      Windows security settings on the files are all the same (inherit from parent folder).

      Disk has enough empty space left (56 GB)


      The photos are in Jpeg format, typically around 500 to 2000 kB each.

      Produced from Photoshop CS5, up to 3267x2244 pixels at 300 dpi.

      Photos open correct in other viewers.


      Are the any limitations to

      - folder and file name length?

      - spaces in file names?


      Thanks in advance,