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    Exporting and importing without destroying masterfile


      Hi all.

      At my work, we are creating leaflets, brochures and other stuff like that, which need to be updated all the time in all different languages.
      In this case, i am the only one who does inDesign, where the others are in Acrobat.


      Is it possible for me to export a PDF + another format in which Acrobat can change (so content in tables moves the table instead of just overflowing)



      For example:


      I'm exporting a document from InDesign with the correct layout, and my co-worker sends the document to his client. A month later, the product is updated, and the PDF needs to be updated. Now he needs to send me the changes, and when i'm available i can send it back to him with the changes delaying the process by a day or maybe more. Is there anyway i can cut me out the second time so that he will get a master from me and change that in Acrobat, but the changes will persist and i will be able to open it up in InDesign?


      Let me know if i need to be more clear, english is not my first language.


      Regards Emil