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    Earlier form is gone and importing it take ages



      About a year ago I made an application form in FormsCentral (FC), which I saved in FC and on my hard drive (as a pdf). Now when it's time to edit the form, it's gone from FC (why?). I've updated FC (1:0:743604-A), and try to import the form (or rather the pdf) from my hard drive, but the "thinking bar" shows for an eternity (so far 20 min. and it is only a single page form), until I'm either logged out or click on the FormsCentral icon top left. (Maybe it's because the hard drive version is only a fill-in form, for the user?)


      (in Swedish)


      I then switch to the My forms tab, and the file actually is imported.


      I try to open it by clicking Open (Swedish "Öppen" above) -- nothing happens. I try to double click the file -- nothing happens. I have to close the FC window and re-open it. The file is gone, and I have to import it again. Catch 22 ...


      I've tried to open the pdf directly from my hard drive, since I have Adobe pro and can edit pdf files. I am then of course considered a stranger and the pdf is not editable (read-only version), even when I save as ... a new version.


      I neither have the time, or the urge, to re-do the form (I have spent a great deal of time to make all the information fit in one page, have a good layout, sections, headliners and space etc.).


      It is not an old LiveCycle (LC) form (which is also really frustrating, that I have had to redo all the forms I've done in LC. I'm sorry to say LC was much better than FC; not as static).


      Any solution, anyone? I'd appreciate it :-)