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    Font align issue when imported from runtime shared library




      I'm struggling with a font issue on Flash CC and Flash 2014 version both.

      I'm on PC, Windows 7.


      I have a first Flash file, using AS3, named lib_font.fla. In this first file, I have 5 fonts symbols in the library:

      - all the fonts are correctly embedded.

      - all the fonts are exported for runtime sharing

      - when I publish lib_font.swf, all is fine, the texts are correctly displayed


      I now have a second Flash scene, which simply imports the 5 fonts from lib_font.swf.

      On the main time line, I simply put 5 different textFields:

      -> bound to the 5 different fonts imported.

      -> with a font size of 23 pts

      --> When I publish my swf 4 textFields will have the font baseline misaligned/shifted.


      I appended the text ascent to the text value to see what was returned:


      You can note that:

      -> for all textfields buggy, the text ascent values will be "36.8".

      -> for the working textfield , the text ascent is 21.95


      Now, if I simply remove the import option for the fonts bugging, the text baseline will display correctly !




        It's not due to the font itself or any embedding options. The import from runtime sharing really breaks the fonts behavior.

      Is there any solution ?