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    Printing with EPSON - SRGB

    Charles832 Level 1

      I have been printing in PS for years and now I must admit after being away from it all for a while I am lost......

      I started shooting portraits for head shots in SRGB because when they were RGB 1998 the folks who took them to other print shops for duplicates got bad results. At that time I learned that most commercial printers are SRGB shops and I needed to switch.

      Now however when I recently shot in srgb and tried to print for myself, shooting a canon 7d in standard mode, srgb, I found a very lackluster color in my headshots....still pretty but not as rich as I expected.....kind of grey.....

      Then of course I tried to print on my EPSON 3800 which has always printed dark...After finishing in LR I would always print out of PS, because there have always been a few final touches I want to make.....however, the prints that are pushed to what I would consider the max in LR

      as far as brightness is concerned would always need an extra push almost into clipping in PS to get a good print.......

      This week I added a Epson Artison 1430 as an extra printer for small work (My Grandchildren 3x5's) and as long as I let the printer manage colors it prints fine, otherwise a bit red....Arrrrggggg!

      I really need some help getting things straight so I can get some consistency.....the reading I have always done says NEVER use printer management always use PS to manage colors, and yet I waste 2 prints for every one I get and loads of ink to get a finished product I like, and have for years, I guess I just got used to it.,....Maybe it's an epson plot to sell more ink....

      So Color space confuses me, having to push a photo in levels too hot to get a good print frustrates me, and what I really want to do is go back to RGB......

      Any suggestions........Use a DEll Ultra Sharp monitor....not calibrated.....

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          Charles832 Level 1

          Print set up is always at 8bits....

          color setting North American General Purpose II, rgb setting is srgb, color management policy is preserve embedded profile......in my image MODE setting it is on rgb, there is no srgb setting there......

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            elie-d Level 4

            If you are setting the application, be it PS, LR or any other application, to do the color management (and turning off color management in the printer driver) you must instruct the application to use a profile specific for the printer model and paper type. Not sRGB nor Adobe RGB, which are universal, device-independent profiles, designed for editing but not for printing where a device-specific profile must be used. If you turn off c.m. in the application and let the driver handle it, when you set the paper type in the driver interface, the driver applies the appropriate profile.


            However, if your monitor is not calibrated and profiled, in lieu of a proper profile it is using sRGB, which is a very generic profile that "sort of" fits the majority of monitors in the world, but none of them exactly. In other words, you are "sort of" seeing the image colors, but not exactly, when using a color managed program. If the viewing program is not color managed and the image is in Adobe RGB space, it will be displayed flatter and less saturated than it actually is. Moreover, it is very likely that your uncalibrated monitor is far too bright. When reducing image brightness to look good you are actually making it too dark, and that is how it will print.

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              Dave Merchant MVP & Adobe Community Professional
              1. When you installed your Epson drivers they should have also installed the ICC profiles for that printer, in a bunch of different versions for Epson's own paper stock (glossy, photo, matte, etc.). Out of the box LR doesn't list them - in the Lightroom Print module, go down to Print Job, Color Management, and in the profile dropdown choose "Other..." - it'll open your ICC folder and let you activate the Epson-specific ones. Do not choose "managed by printer".
              2. The profiles assume Epson ink and paper - there will be a difference with off-brand paper or off-brand ink. The only way to fix that is to invest in a print profiler unit and make your own ICC files. Paper choice makes more of a difference than people think, especially to dark tones.
              3. The intent (perceptual vs relative) will have a subtle effect on images with vivid colors, but most people won't notice. Pick what you like the look of and stick with it.
              4. Click "Printer..." and then "Properties..." to open the Epson driver panel - on the Advanced tab, choose Color management = ICM then tick "Off" - you don't want the printer making any color adjustments whatsoever, as that's what the ICC profile is doing. For reasons best known to Epson you can only get at this "Off" checkbox in ICM mode.


              Printing with that setup will give accurate color rendering, but as elie-d says if your monitor isn't calibrated what you see on screen is likely to have a horrendous color cast, so you're comparing apples and oranges. Even with a calibrated display, you either have to work with your monitor brightness turned down as low as it'll go, or view the prints outside under full sun. Indoors, prints that look OK would have to be much lighter than a calibration would make them.