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    Any way to do a screenshot or save it with transparency?

    AdobeIdUser2 Level 1

      Hello guys! I wonder if is there any possibility to do a hight resolution screenshot with transparency, copy it and then past somewhere?


      For example: I am using very cool plugin which generate stunning 3D text. And I am also making a poster. So I would like to do my 3D Text in After Effects and then copy this and paste in my different graphics software. Woulb be it nice if that screenshot has also a transparency.


      Here is an EXAMPLE what I want to get:




      Is that thing even possible? I will be very grateful for tips.



      (I know that I can do a generaly Windows screenshot and that paste it, but that kind of screenshot will be have also a solid background. I and don't want to delete them after pasting. So I am searching a better way to do it. I know that I can disable a background view in After Effects but I don't know how to export it to PNG with transparency).