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    High FPS Video performance issue. Premier Pro CC.


      Hello, I have been working on this project.


      The recording I used are recorded with Nvidia Shadowplay at Max bitrate (50 mbps and H.264) and 60 FPS.


      Now I did record the game Counter Strike: GO. And while recording the time scale was set to 1/4. So in Premier Pro I accelerated the recording by 400% to get back to real time. Which makes the videos effectively 240 fps Full-HD recordings.


      Now I used the short-cut CTRL+SHIFT+F11, to see my CUDA's rendering information.

      At first it plays a smooth target 60 fps, but it doesn't take long for it to go down to 3-6 fps. Which is simply impossible to work with.

      Now my question is, can I tell Premier Pro to only render at say 60 or 50 fps? Basically let it skip frames in order to maintain at least 24 fps for the view port editing purposes?


      Final render of the project is targeted at 60 FPS for YouTube.


      Sincerely, Julian Blau


      My gear:

      Intel i7-920 (OC to 3.9 GHz)

      Nvidia GTX 680 (MSI TwinFrozr)

      Samsung 840 SSD for cache in Premier Pro's Media Settings.

      Media is stored on a Regular HDD (600 GB)