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    Camera object - problems with setMode()

      I am using Flex 2 to access a camera stream and to take snapshots of it.

      The code is as simple as that:

      camera = Camera.getCamera();
      camera.setMode(width, height, fps)
      video = new Video(camera.width, camera.height);

      According to the documentation, setMode() uses the video size which most closely matches the given size, the default values are 160 x 120 pixels.

      I tried two different video grabber devices. The first one ("Video XPress by ADS Tech") worked without problems, I was able to set the video size to 640 x 480.

      The second one was a PCI card, the Videum 1010 VO card by Winnov. With that card, I can set whatever size I want, it always uses 160 x 120 pixels (the default values). My guess would be, that the driver does not report the maximum video size correctly (the device is of course able to handle greater video sizes, up to full PAL resolution).

      Now I have two questions to get closer to a solution:

      1. What backend uses the Flash Player 9 at Windows for accessing the video streams? VfW (Video for Windows) or WDM (DirectShow)? The driver supplied by the manufacturer supports both methods.

      2. Is there a way to find out what video modes are supported, according to Flash?

      Many thanks in advance,