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    Adjusting clips on one layer, changes possition of other clips on other layers (Premiere Elements 11)


      Ok, so I've been haveing another issue with Premiere.  Hopfully I can get an answer to this one.





      When I'm editing, if I have multiple video layers (as I do now)  when I adjust the length of a clip on a layer,  It will pull clips after it on lower layers in to match the adjustment.  I don't want it to do this, as it ruins the edit. I have several visural effects layers using keyed footage and such, that are placed percisely where they need to be. But when I change the length of an element, it pulls things in setting off the placment of my clips.  It does this if I change length by selecting the clip and pulling it in, or if I cut it at the spot I want it to end and then delete the unneeded. It still moves the other clips.  I've turned snap off and it still does it.


      Is there anything I can do?


      I'm using Premiere Elements 11, on a Windows 7 64bit machine.