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    Weird freeze when using LUTs with Lumetri


      So I have my XAVC-S footage from Sony A7s, about 100 shortclips in a timeline. There is an adjustment layer on top of them with two Lumetri filters that I use to apply LUTs. Then I have some curves on each of the clips. Any change now (a tweak of curves, moving a clip) results in a 20-30s playback freeze after which everything playbacks smoothly without any lag. I tried all Mercury setting (SW only, Cuda, OpenCL), no big change.


      I have the latest MacBook Pro with 2.5Ghz i7, 16Gb Ram, Nvidia 750M and 512GB SSD

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          R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you've got everything ... OS, programs, footage, cache, p-v's & database all on one 500gb SSD, you're doing pretty good in all. Applying multiple Looks/LUT's does give the processors a bit of work to do also. Interesting to hear other ideas ...



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            Andrei93 Level 1

            The CPU usage stays at about 20% at those times.. I've just downloaded LUT buddy and get much better  results. The playback has more lag, but it starts instanteneously. So I suppose that's a problem with Lumetri.

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              R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              CPU staying down there tells us you have other issues going in internally ... that starts applying a whole lot of stuff for the internal systems to work on, and any slow-down or choke point limits the whole system to its best speed. Somewhere between the 16G's of RAM, single SSD drive doing everything and a 2.5ghz processor & laptop bus, you've got some things waiting for cycle time somewhere.



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                spnsir Level 2

                I am having the same issue and am editing a fast-cut music festival video and it's a struggle trying to grade footage from 4 different cameras using a lut and curves and a fast color corrector on each clip. Each change of a setting in curves or the fast color corrector results in the same 20-30s wait. Yikes! Hoping to find a fix, if I do I'll post back.


                UPDATE 1: Switching from CUDA to Software Only playback speeds up the time it takes to see a result after making an adjustment in the color plugins (using fast color corrector currently but all plugins result in a delay). Unfortunately this mode is very slow and will not playback full speed.

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                  R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  You are asking a TON of stuff from your computer, I do need to note. Remember, PrPro recreates what you're seeing in playback from the original files on disc by taking the bits & pieces & stuffing them together, putting on all effects you may have used and then making that look like what you've said it's supposed to look like. By the time you're using Lumetri/LUT's and fast color corrector and jumping clip to clip there's a ton of both read/write and CPU processing to do. I would guesstimate from the observed behavior you've got a bottleneck somewhere in the layout of your files, programs, database, assets, cache & such across however many discs you've got.


                  I would heartily suggest going to the Tweaker's Page, downloading the latest PBM test (or an earlier one if say you're on CS6) and running it. The 'test' is a zipped project file & assets along with a logging program. Install the logging program, create a new project using the included project file & assets laid out across your machine as you do your typical work, and then "export" that short 30 second or so project. The project has specifically chosen effects to tax the CPU, mobo, RAM, GPU, and disc in/out processes. Send the log file back, and they give you a comparative readout of how your hardware does compared to many others, and ... perzactly WHERE in your setup your major bottlenecks are.



                  Tweaker's Page ...