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    Java server question for sockets



      I have a C/C++ server which works fine to communicate to Flash, but I want to use Java + Eclipse over text file editing and makefile headaches of C/C++. This will be a big project that requires organization of code, garbage collection, and nice arrays so Java is a smart choice over C/C++. I'm just hung up trying to get an echo server...


      I found this echo server code: http://pastebin.com/thiQtEz5


      It will receive data coming in, but when it sends echo data out, I don't read it in AS3(Flash). If I use a C/C++ echo server, I get data in and echo data out so I can read it in AS3(Flash).


      It seems like most Java examples use similar code, and I find them reading in, but not communicating from echo out to AS3(Flash) read in.


      If anyone has any suggestions, I'm interested. I'm new to Java, but I bet I can do cool things with it if I could get sockets working.




      PS if it helps, I also cannot use my C/C++ echo client to send data to the Java echo server... It simply doesn't read data if there is any content. If I send a null string, it understands a null string came in though.


      PSS: Is this the right forum for AS3 questions, I couldn't find an AS3 forum