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    Stopped - 'Filter' failed, 1 page


      All of a sudden Epson 9890 won't print with the above message in the print que

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          Having the same problem on my Epson Stylus Pro 7900. I printed over 30 prints in the last two days. Suddenly I began receiving the "Stopped - 'Filer' fails, 1 page" error. Was on the phone with Epson for an hour today. Deleted and reinstalled the printer and tried several other workarounds. Ultimately I was told it was a problem with Apple. On the phone with Apple for an hour today. They're saying it's an issue with Photoshop. Logged in here and it seems Apple is pointing a finger at Epson and Photoshop.


          Does ANYBODY have ANY clue why I was able to print dozens of photos over the last two weeks and SUDDENLY I can't????

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            hursey Level 2

            I just started having this issue with my 7800... did you ever get a resolution?