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    flash player settings


      In my flash player settings under advanced it tells me that I have NPAPI Plug in version: PPAPI plug in version not installed. Do I need the PPAPI version? We can play videos bot cannot play games and when we try to it tells us we need to update the flash player and when we try to it tells us that we have the latest version but then we go to update and all we do is go around in circles on your web site with the test and all of that crap!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes we have done the disable active x, and manage add-ons but nothing is working!!!!!

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          maria__ Adobe Employee

          Hi Brenda,


          You didn't specify which browsers you have installed.  The NPAPI plugin is for Firefox and Safari (and other NPAPI browsers), chances are you have Firefox installed.  The PPAPI plugin is a newer type plugin and is for Opera and other Chromium-based browsers.  If you don't have these browsers installed, you don't need this plugin.  The ActiveX Control is for Internet Explorer.  You didn't mention having the ActiveX Control installed, but you mention some IE trouble shooting steps.  If you have Windows 8.x, then Microsoft embeds the Flash Player ActiveX Control in Internet Explorer and there is not a separate installer for this.  To update you would run Windows Update to update Internet Explorer.  Chrome also embeds Flash Player PPAPI plugin and if you use Chrome, then the embedded player would be updated by Google, either via a Chrome update or a component update.


          Version is most definitely not the latest version.  Links to the full/offline installers for each plugin type are posted at the bottom of the Installation problems | Flash Player | Windows page, in the 'Still having problems' section (above the 'Also see' section).


          If you continue to have problems, I would recommend running the uninstaller (Uninstall Flash Player | Windows), rebooting your machine and then installing the player (based on the browser you use) using the full installer.