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    Why are my transitions displaying the wrong portion of the clip?

    cameron malott Level 1



      I am working on a short film, and am having trouble with several of my transitions. After editing the sequence in Premiere, I performed the color grading via direct link to SpeedGrade. The Lumetri effects from Speedgrade are applied to an adjustment layer on a separate track above the original video clips. If I have problems with the transitions (all cross dissolves) in my timeline. When any of them start, they all transition to a later point in the second clip. As soon as the transition ends, it cuts to the proper point in the second clip. I hope that makes sense. If I disable the adjustment layer, everything looks fine (other than the grades are not visible, obviously). Removing the transition from the adjustment layer track eliminates the problem, but then there is an obvious cut from the previous grade to the next.


      I did not notice the problem when I edited the sequence in Premiere, it was in Speedgrade that I first noticed it, and it shows up back in Premiere now.


      I have no idea what could be causing this problem. I have never worked with adjustment layers before, and don't know much about them. Is there something I don't know that I should?




      Note: I am using the CC 14 versions of both programs.