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    Why can't I toggle between current settings and defaults on the ACR basic panel?


      When I try to toggle between current settings and defaults, I get a blue or black screen in the "After" image so I can not compare before and after.  The toggle doesn't work when I am viewing a single image or when I am viewing before and after side-by-side.  The blue or black image looks like the image is totally clipped, but it's the same whether clipping is on or off.  Command-Option-P does not work either.  Also, the histogram totally disappears when I try to toggle.  So I think something is corrupted, and I'd like to know how to fix it.  BTW, this toggle works fine when I am in the adjustment brush panel; it's the basic panel where it doesn't work.  I use Photoshop CC (2014) and Bridge CC on a new iMac--Yosemite. All are up to date (ACR  I am not using Lightroom.  I would appreciate a suggested fix.  Confession: I am very new to the Mac environment and just returning to Photoshop after an absence so I'm finding my way; there's a good chance I'm making a rookie mistake.  Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions on where else I might post my question.