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    Display drive stopped responding

    LaciG Level 1

      I need help. I have been getting this message lately more and more frequently:


      " Display drive stopped responding. NVIDIA Windows Kernel Mode Driver version 311.06 stopped and recovered".


      This afternoon it didn't recover anymore. Got the blue screen, system restarted and get the blue screen again. It happened several times. Then I restarted in safe mode but there I couldn't access the video driver. The local computer store told me that it is practically never the driver but the actual card. (Can be overheating due to fan problem, etc.) Also they told me that these cards usually do not last that long (6 years).


      My questions:

      1. Is there any way to diagnose this problem further or I just should replace the card with a more powerful one? (Actually I have been considering this even before this problem.)

      2. What would you suggest as a more powerful card that still works with this motherboard? (My motherboard is Asus P6X58D Premium and my card is ENGTX 480. OS: Windows 7 Professional, Adobe suite: CS5.)


      Thank you very much for any advice.


      - Laci.

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          Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

          Laci, it is your display driver that stopped responding.  Try updating to the latest version and get it from the nVidia site.  My last download was 347.09 for my nVidia GTX cards so that version of yours is very old.  Of course that might not be the problem but you would have to update the driver in any case if you get a new GPU

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            LaciG Level 1

            Hi Bill,


            Thanks for the reply. (I didn't get email notification, that's why I haven't noticed your message earlier .)


            My problem is that I can't use the computer because it automatically restarts every time (with the blue scree) when it tries to start Windows. I can start it in Safe Mode, but in this mode the display driver is not accessible in the Device Manager. How would I update my driver in this situation? (How can update a driver if I can't reach it Safe Mode, and if I remove the card, then it will not be visible in the Device Manager?)


            On the other hand, I would like to upgrade my GTX 480 graphic card. Somebody suggested GTX 970 as a much more powerful card. In your opinion, Would this make a difference in editing, and also, would this work with my motherboard, and could I use it in hardware acceleration the same way as I could use my old GTX 480 card?


            Sorry for the too many questions but this is the first time I have an essential part malfunctioning in the 5 - 6 years since I built this computer.


            Thank you very much for your advice,



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              Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

              In Safe Mode you would probably not see it as that running on a default VGA mode.  If you can go into Safe Mode with networking and can get to the nVidia site and get the driver downloaded, just install the driver (it is an .exe file) then reboot and see if that helps.  Since you do not see anything wrong in Safe Mode it is evident that the output end of the GPU is working.


              First before the above, one other thing to try is to pull the GPU out of the system and carefully clean the contacts on the board.  I use the eraser on a standard wooden pencil.  With that age a little contact corrosion may have developed .


              P.S. I do not get email notifications for over a year now so I know your situation.  I have to rely on little flag in the banner next to the miniature personal icon

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                LaciG Level 1

                Thanks again! I will try this "cleaning method" and see what happens. However, I am still wondering if the GTX 970 would make the rendering and transcoding much faster. If so, I might go with it but first I will try the cleaning and driver update.

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                  Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

                  The GTX 970 is a small reusable step up on the upgrade path. It probably is a little overkill for your current CPU/motherboard,  I actually am running the GTX 970 in my x58 well overclocked system which will be replaced in the next month or so.  I have most of the pieces for my new build up and running (barely) on a table.  After I figure out this new UEFI BIOS and get everything working smoothly I will put everything into my Lian Li case that has the x58 currently.


                  The GTX 970 uses less power than previous cards and it has new forward looking HDMI 2.0 compatibility.

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                    LaciG Level 1

                    I removed the GTX480 and cleaned the contacts, but now I can't get even into safe mode. Tomorrow I will buy some (returnable ) cheap graphic card and see if the rest of the PC works. Thanks the info on the GTX970. I will let you know.

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                      LaciG Level 1

                      Hi Bill,


                      Since after this contact cleaning nothing changed, I really couldn't do anything. I bought an EVGA GeForce 210 at the local Fry's ($50, 30 day money back guarantee!), plugged it in, and the computer works as new. I still have to buy a "real" graphic card for editing, and I like the GTX 970 even if it is a bit overkill (as you mentioned) but I might upgrade the CPU and Motherboard sometime. Thanks for your help (and "hand holding") in this issue.


                      One more question: when I install the GTX 970, will my (old ) CS5 be able to use the hardware acceleration after entering "GeForce GTX 970" in the file "cuda_supported_cards.txt" the same way as it happened with "GeForce GTX 480" before?

                      Thank you very much!


                      P.S. I am well over the age of your typical teenage hackers (79 this year) - may be that's why it took me such a long time to get back to this thread . (Also probably due to the many changes that have been happening in these sites...)

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                        Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant



                        Yes your GTX 970 with CS5 will work with the addition to the "cuda_supported_cards.txt" file.


                        I know your situation well,and actually have you by 5 years!


                        Good luck



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                          LaciG Level 1



                          I didn't know there were people older than I am in the US . (I asked my daughter the meaning of the phrase "I have you by 5 years", and that's what she said - hope she was right.) I just received the MSI GTX 970 today from Newegg and will install it tomorrow (in my age, I am not in that hurry than those teenagers all the time...)


                          Thanks for your support and help again,



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                            LaciG Level 1

                            Hi Bill,


                            Everything works just fine (after inserting the GTX 970 card and installing the latest driver from NVIDIA's website: 344.16 (9/18/2014). (Actually there was a more recent driver with today's date for "gamers" but I didn't install it.)


                            Checking my notes, I first encountered the "display driver stopped responding..." message already about 2 years ago. Then some Windows help sites suggested to update the driver (what you suggested also), tinkering with the registry (increase the time delay for the response from the CPU), etc. However, I think if nothing has changed in the system - as in my case - hardware, BIOS, OS, etc. then the only thing could have changed is something with the graphic card hardware.


                            Of course, these are simply speculations from my part, but I always wanted a more modern card, and this situation was a good excuse. You mentioned that you are building a new system. Will you post about it?


                            Thanks again,



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                              Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

                              Thank you Laci


                              I am building one more "last" new system.  It is a low priority gradually build system and when I get it further along I will share.details.  I have power applied to this bench system