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    Is this type script possible, or previously existing?

    Jini-Twist Level 1

      Hi there. So I wanted to import a raster image, specifically pixel art, DIRECTLY into Illustrator, converting each pixel of the raster to a vector square. Now I can manually recreate a pixelized image this way, but that takes forever. I have no desire to use the livetrace or fuss with touch-ups when assembling vector squares is exact. Each pixel is a fixed point of information though in the image, so surely those smallest units of visual information could be straight-on converted. A square is a square, it's not changing shape. It doesn't seem complicated for the computer to read the image and simply reproduce it in vector squares with the proper commands.

      Unfortunately, I haven't found any sort of script existing that accomplishes this, and the methods I see touted in youtube videos on the subject are inexact and require touch-up. I want each block as a separate shape as well. I'd rather use manual reproduction, but it's time-consuming and I shouldn't have to re-do a bunch of work.


      Is the sort of script I'm looking for something that currently exists already, or even possible? Cubic reproduction based on each pixel would be the simplest way to convert any Raster image directly into a Vector format, without having to have it traced and re-rendered, if smooth lines aren't your desire. I'm using CS5 by the way.


      Thanks very much. I appreciate the knowledge & insight.