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    How can I drag the edge/resize a text box on the 3rd row w/o changing all the rows above it?


      I am new to Acrobat and FormsCentral of course.


      I have three rows of text boxes, something like this:


      (other text fields)

      Primary Address


      I want the input box to be immediately following the label; for example (pretend the underline is the input box:

      Name ___________

      (other text fields)

      Primary Address ___________


      However, Forms Central looks like this:


      Name        _________________

      (other text fields)


      Address     ______________


      When I try to edit the Primary Address box, either by dragging the right label edge or the left text box edge on that field, it also drags the edges of the fields above it!


      Is there a way NOT to do this?


      I've been trying to find tutorials on how to manipulate the design/layout of the forms, but so far all the YouTube and other tutorials I've seen simply do a vertical form, one field per line.