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    Am I the only one annoyed by the flashing "Get started with Lightroom Mobile" in Lightroom?


      Any time I move the cursor over the top left portion of the Lightroom working screen, to export an image or open another catalog, the white text "Get Started with Lightroom Mobile" flashes rapidly on the screen in a manner that suggests, to me, a cheap advertisement on a mobile webpage.  I've purchased access to Lightroom, and I find it tacky that Adobe needs to use such a method to get their product out to users.  If I purchase Lightroom Mobile, does that mean every time I try to close the program or perform some other mundane task, that "Get Started with Lightroom for Mac/Win!" will flash on the screen?  And why stop there, Adobe?  It's an advertising space now, so feel free to build a ticker for all your new products and services, and hey, why not the weather, too?


      I'm sure it's only a continuation of the slow creep of advertisements into every waking moment of life, and I, for one, say Thanks Adobe!  I certainly don't get enough of that already!