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    Small red circle Icon


      Could someone please tell what the small red circle with a line at the top "icon" mean? I am using photoshop elements 13



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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          If your program is Photoshop Elements 13, then you have posted in the wrote forum. Somehow your thread got posted in the Adobe Premiere Elements Forum (video editing).


          Please repost your thread in the Adobe Photoshop Elements Forum or wait for a moderator here to see your thread here and move it from here to there.

          Photoshop Elements


          Wherever you ask the question please give as much detail as possible. What feature of the program are you using when you see this icon?


          You might want to post a screenshot of this icon. I looked around my Photoshop Elements 13 and did not run across it. The regular users of Photoshop Elements

          may pick up on what you are asking quicker.