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    Question regarding install of Lightroom 5 from Disc


      I just received my Lightroom 5 from Amazon and am having difficulties installing to my computer.  I confirmed that I  have the current required operating systems.  Windows 7 with Service Pack 1.  When I insert the disc into my drive the computer does not recognize it.  The disc does not even spin.  I tried some other disc that I had lying around with photos and documents on them and those disc prompt the computer to spin them around and then open up the necessary programs to open the pdfs or documents.  Any reason why my computer might not recognize this disc?  Even when I click on my computer and go to the DVD drive if I click on it, it prompts me to insert a CD even though the lightroom CD is currently in the computer.  When I look at the back of the CD I don't see the tell tale signs of having content on the CD.  Usually I can see an area of the disc that might not have info on it so there is a distinction between areas on the back of the disc.  The disc that I received seems to be completely uniform on the back.  Could it be possible that there is nothing on this disc?  There is a serial number on the box that the disc came in.   Any help or advise would be appreciated.  I've been looking forward to getting started with the program and the phone support won't be open until after the weekend.