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    Premiere Pro not taking full advantage of GTX970

    Sasha Ivantic


      I recently bought a GTX970 to speed up my rendering times, but unfortunately I see no difference in speed. Both with rendering and exporting. Premiere Pro does not take full advantage of the GTX970 gpu.


      My system is as follows:


      Asus H87Plus Mobo

      i7 4770

      16gb ddr3 @ 1600

      Samsung 256gb SSD (OS, apps and scratch)

      2x 3tb 7200rpm in raid as project disks and storage

      Asus GTX970 Strix 4GB OC

      Win 8.1


      When rendering I see CPU load at 100%, RAM at about 40% and GPU at only 10%. Cuda is enabled in Premiere Pro. What could be the problem?